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Nomadeec is the mobile emergency telemedicine platform for teletriage between the health professional on field and the regulation center. Teletransmission of the digital assessment improves patient care and orientation.

>Emergency Telemedicine

What is teletriage ?

Teletriage is one of the 5 acts of telemedicine. It consists to connect an emergency health professional on field with the EMS.

Nomadeec provides a solution to digitize and remotely transmit a complete emergency report enriched with photos, videos, documents, 12D electrocardiogram…

Collaboration gets better thanks to an increased vision of the field, for faster decision-making in the pre-hospital orientation of the patient.

Nomadeec Paramed

Field practitioners

Nomadeec TelExpert

Remote doctors

The mobile telemedicine application on tablet with connected medical devices to digitize and transmit your medical assessments.
The web telemedicine platform to consult digital assessments transmitted from the healthcare professionals on the field.
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For who ?

  • Private paramedics and firefighters

  • Doctors

  • First aid and event medicalization associations

  • Health professionals on isolated sites

  • Medical and social structures

  • EMS

  • Medical Regulatory Assistant

Why ?

  • Improve patient care and its orientation

  • Strengthen collaboration with the regulation center

  • Ensure the forensic traceability of interventions

  • Accelerate the decision-making process

  • Reduce avoidable hospitalizations

  • Promote equal access to care for all, everywhere

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