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NOMADEEC TelExpert opens a new dimension to the EMS in its practice of emergency telemedicine. More than ever, the regulatory doctor is in contact with the field to make the fastest and most effective decision for the patient.

Flexible and collaborative

Nomadeec TelExpert offers all the tools necessary for today’s regulatory physician to make the best decisions remotely in the interests of the patient in the field.

Thanks to its modular approach, the secure web application adapts to many contexts and promotes collaboration between healthcare professionals involved in the emergency care chain.

A rich and accessible offer

Nomadeec TelExpert offers many features:

  • Consultation of Nomadeec assessment transmitted from the field

  • Assessments enriched with vital parameters, photos, videos, ECG tracing of the patient

  • Geolocation of available hospital resources

  • Automated entry of reports and letters

  • Interfacing with hospital professional softwares (option)


The scene and interact with the patient through video conferencing and real-time monitoring


 Remotely transmit patient medical information from the field


Thanks to the first aid check-up, for a quick decision on the patient’s orientation

Track & Archive

All medical data, securely and time-stamped

Anywhere, anytime

Nomadeec TelExpert is a secure web platform. Easy to access, it is available on computer and tablet. It requires no deployment, a simple user account allows you to connect via a web browser.

At any time, from any location with an Internet connection, you can access the information transmitted from the field.

An interoperable solution

Nomadeec interfaces natively with the patient file software of the hospital, pre-hospital or regulatory structures.

Interoperability and secure information exchanges are finally becoming accessible to users.

Nomadeec, in EMS




Technical specifications

  • Opening your FREE TelExpert account (excluding training)

  • User account management and access restriction according to IP address

  • Available on web browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer…

  • Secure web platform: Certified HDS hosting, strong authentication (CPx, OTP), SSL access, AES 256 encryption,…