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Combining the best of mobile technologies, smart IOT and augmented reality, NOMADEEC new generation invents tomorrow’s telemedicine.

A new era for numeric examination begins …

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>New generation in mixed reality


Built on a cloud-based open architecture, this new generation of NOMADEEC platform is available on all smartphones and Android, Apple and Windows tablets (*) Other mobile devices such as ultra sound devices can also be set in the application.

A compactness record

At the centre of this new generation, “Unit” gathers in less than half a pound all NOMADEEC connected technologies. This mini-PC connects with all Bluetooth medical devices, stores encrypted data and securely transmits them via TelExpert, NOMADEEC web application.

Augmented Telemedicine with Hololens

NOMADEEC, a one of its kind innovation, is available on Microsoft Hololens and opens up a new dimension in patient care and telemedicine. The gesture-sensing and voice command holographic interface allows the practitioner to be completely free from touchscreens and to focus more on its patient. He would still benefits from all the advantages of digitized patient care report: vitals signs traceability, visio-conference for tele-expertise and teleconsultation.

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Technical Features

  • Automatic updates and secure data back-up available on Google Play, AppStore and Windows Store

    • Compatible with
      • Smartphones and tablets (Android 5 or above, iOS 7 or above, Windows 10)
      • Microsoft Hololens
      • Ultra Sound devices : Vscan Extend, Philipps Lumify, Sonosite iViz
  • Integrated pro Bluetooth® Medical Devices: blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucometer, thermometer

  • 12/18 leads Bluetooth®EKG with cable or belt with HES algorithm for interpretation

  • Total weight : 1kg

  • Autonomy : 5 hours