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Reliable, efficient and integrated, Nomadeec provides healthcare facilities with a unique solution for connecting with a remote doctor for scheduled and emergency care.

>>Requiring professionals

Comprehensive and intuitive

Nomadeec+ is the only intuitive tool for teleconsultation, teleexpertise with a remote doctor, and teletriage with the EMS.

The system allows healthcare structures (nursing homes…) staff to strengthen the care of their residents as part of the permanent care service.

Secured, the solution interfaces with patient management software and easily integrates other applications from regional telemedicine platforms.

Solution in video

Teleconsultation by videoconference

In the case of a programmed care request, the Nomadeec+ mobile application allows you to :

  • Make an appointment with a general practitioner or a specialist

  • Conduct a secure videoconference teleconsultation

  • Share an assessment enriched by the use of connected medical devices

  • Exchange attachments with the doctor (e.g. test result, treatment sheet, etc.)

The required doctor uses the Nomadeec+ web platform TelExpert certified HDS.


The entire teleconsultation process from appointment to prescription


Teleconsultation with connected medical devices and photo/video recording


By videoconference while sharing documents with the remote doctor

Track & Archive

Patient medical data securely and synchronously with the patient record

The equipment of the requiring personnel

The requering staff (nurses, nursing assistants) have access to the Nomadeec+ secure mobile application, on a touch pad, with a range of medical devices (CE marking Class IIa) connected.

Used in bedside mobility, the solution can also be positioned on an ultra-mobile lightweight trolley to provide comfort of use during scheduled teleconsultations and to facilitate storage.

Use in case of an emergency

In the event of an emergency or unannounced care, the requering personnel may send a patient report to the EMS, including the any Emergency Liaison File.

On the Nomadeec TelExpert platform, the regulatory doctor can consult in real time the report sent from the staff on field, to indicate the direction to be given to the resident.

The solution improves its management and reduces avoidable hospitalizations.


  • Nurses & Caregivers
  • Medical and social structures (nursing homes…)
  • Expert / Hospital Centres
  • Health Centres
  • Pharmacies….





Technical specifications

  • Nomadeec mobile application adapted to the business profile, scalable with automatic updates and secure backups

  • 11 inch professional tablet compatible with 4G – trolley option

  • Integrated Bluetooth® connected medical devices CE certified, class 2a: blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucometer, thermometer, stethoscope

  • ECG 12/18D Bluetooth® with compatible electrode cable or belt and HES interpretation

  • Interfacing with optional care software