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Reliable, efficient and integrated, Nomadeec is the ideal tool for patient care delivered by field-based practitioners in connection with a remote medical expert.


Patient care report or clinical exam


Adding photos/video, numeric EKG 12/18D, echography to patient care report


Teletransmission of secure medical information to the remote expert physician.  Initiate a videoconference when necessary

Trace & Archive

Secure, timestamped, automated reports


  • Increase responsiveness

  • Improve patient care and patient orientation

  • Combat medical deserts and reduce the number of useless hospitalization

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Technical features

  • 11 inches tablet with 4G connection

  • Mobile application Nomadeec Advanced

  • Pulse oxymeter

  • Blood pressure monitor

  • 12/18D EKG with belt

  • Nomadeec transport bag

In option

  • EKG belt

  • Mobile Bluetooth printer

  • Battery expansion

  • Thermometer

  • Glucometer