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>>Remote doctor

Nomadeec TelExpert offers a full range of secure web solutions for remote doctors to perform their medical acts (tele consultation/tele expertise) and medical coordination

  • Medical coordination services

  • Public Safety Answering Points

  • Any Doctor performing teleconsultation


See the very scene and interact with the patient thanks to visio conference, realtime monitoring and tele-examination


patient information remotely and on any device with web connection


Facilitate diagnosis as complete patient medical record is at your fingertip. Prescribe and recommend treatment

Trace & Archive

Secure, timestamped, automated reports


  • Better and faster medical decisions

  • Improved access to healthcare services

  • Improved prehospital patient orientation

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Technical features

  • Compatible with all recent web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)

  • Available on any device PC, MAC, tablets and smartphones

  • Intuitive interface allowing to have access to complete information gathered by the field practitioner: vital signs, EKG, photos, videos, videoconference (optional)

  • Without prior set up, secure connection by login and password, management of user accounts and privileges

  • Real-time visualization (upon network coverage)

  • Certified and local hosting server