Reliable, efficient and integrated, Nomadeec is the ideal tool for healthcare professionals in the field, used in collaboration with the EMS and triage physicians.

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Comprehensive and Efficient

The Nomadeec solution is a mobile application for digital tablet, with connected medical devices and interfaced with multi-parameter patient monitors.

It allows field practitioners to create a digital medical report (complete with vitals, photos, videos, ECG tracing…) and to send it to the EMS command center for the remote physician to review.

This device improves patient care and referral, and strengthens collaboration with the EMS command center.

Much More Than Just First-Aid Assessment

The Nomadeec application comprises several modules to create and transmit a complete patient medical assessment to the remote triage physician:

  • First aid assessment: general, neurological, respiratory, circulatory, injuries… Based on current standards of practice

  • Actions & events: time-stamped traceability of the intervention

  • ECG: 12/18-lead ECG tracing

  • Photos & videos: captures a visual elements

  • Documents: monitors and archives patient records

  • Customizable modules


The patient’s first-aid assessment or clinical examination in its entirety


The assessment with photos, videos, 12/18-lead digital ECG…


Secure medical data to the remote triage physician

Track and archive

All collected data, time-stamped and in a secure manner

Lightweight and Compact

Weighing less than 2 kg, Nomadeec is the lightest and most compact mobile telemedicine solution on the market.

Comprised of up to 6 medical devices depending on need, the device is housed and carried in the Nomadeec backpack, offering maximum comfort and practicality while in the field.

A Unique User Experience

Our team includes engineers, designers, ergonomists and health professionals. Intuitiveness, ease of use and efficiency are at the heart of our concerns, so that patients remain our priority.

Nomadeec interfaces natively with hospital patient record management softwares, as well as pre-hospitalization and triage care centers. Interoperability and secure data exchange are finally accessible to users.


  • Doctors: EMS, Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Services, after-hours and on-call care services, medical repatriation or general practitioners
  • Firefighters and private paramedic services as part of their emergency rescue missions
  • First-aid and medical services associations for events
  • Staff health professionals located in public establishments, isolated areas, state penitentiaries, jails, etc.





Technical Specifications

  • Mobile application adapted to the healthcare field, scalable with automatic updates and secure backups

  • 11″ professional tablet, 4G-compatible – rugged and ultra-rugged tablets available for the most demanding environments

  • Bluetooth®-connected pro line medical devices natively integrated and CE certified, class IIa: blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucometer, thermometer

  • Bluetooth®12/18-lead ECG with compatible electrode cable or belt, and HES interpretation.

  • Weight: 1,9 Kg

  • Autonomy: approximately 3 hours

  • Interfacing with patient monitors Schiller, Zoll….