Nomadeec+ is the most complete and intuitive telemedicine solution to cover all your needs in programmed and non-programmed telemedicine. It allows teleconsultation and remote expertise with a remote doctor, and teletriage with the regulation center in case of emergency.


What are teleconsultation & teleexpertise?

Teleconsultation and tele-expertise are 2 of the 5 acts of telemedicine. They enable a patient to be in contact with a remote doctor, or two doctors to communicate remotely.

Nomadeec offers many tools for advanced teleconsultation between a resident of a healthcare facility and a remote doctor located in a practice or a hospital.
Tele-expertise allows a specialist to provide remote and asynchronous consultations.

Telemedicine facilitates access to care, contributes to improving resident care in nursing homes and reduces travel and unnecessary hospitalization.

Nomadeec+ Paramed
Requesting Physicians

Nomadeec+ TelExpert

Remote Attending Physicians


A mobile telemedicine solution to schedule and perform teleconsultations with a remote doctor via videoconferencing directly from a patient’s bedside.
A web telemedicine platform to schedule, organize and perform teleconsultations with access to vital signs, tele-auscultation and teleprescription.
visio régulation Visio transmission
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For Who ?

  • Nurses & Caregivers

  • Medical-social structures (nursing homes, assisted living)

  • Specialized hospitals and medical centers

  • Multidisciplinary healthcare centers (rural, isolated areas)

  • Pharmacies…

  • General Practitioners

  • Specialists (cardiologists, dermatologists, neurologists, etc.):

  • Cardiologist, dermatologist, neurologist…

  • Doctors assigned to teleconsultation platforms

Why ?

  • Limit unnecessary hospitalizations

  • Improve resident care

  • Enhance the skills of paramedical staff and their contribution to teleconsultation

  • Bridge the gap of health deserts

  • Adapt the medical prescription to the patient’s needs as closely as possible

  • Reduce travel, optimize medical time

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Teleconsultation in Healthcare Facilities with Nomadeec+


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