Intuitive and secure, the Nomadeec+ TelExpert web platform allows users to manage teleconsultations with healthcare structures, and tele-expertise with remote specialists.

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Complete and Intuitive Teleconsultation

The Nomadeec+ TelExpert web platform makes teleconsultation and tele-expertise accessible by integrating it into a physician’s current medical practice. Teleconsultation has been officially added as a recognized practice by the French Board of Medicine.

This teleconsultation solution facilitates access to care for residents in nursing homes, as well as remote access to a specialist via tele-expertise.

The device reduces the need to travel and optimizes consultation time, while remaining close to the patient.

Complete and Intuitive Teleconsultation
The platform (video)
A Link to the Field Nomadeec

A Link to the Field

By communicating via the Nomadeec+ application, from the field and by the patient’s side, the system allows to:

  • Manage the teleconsultation appointment calendar

  • Securely communicate with the patient via videoconferencing

  • Perform tele-auscultation using digital stethoscopes and medical devices operated by healthcare staff

  • Review patient assessments transmitted from the field

  • Send and share attachments

  • Prescribe medicine and issue medical reports

  • Invoice the telemedicine intervention as an authorized and validated medical act


The patients and interact with them through secure videoconferencing and with the help of care staff


Patient medical data remotely transmitted from the field or retrieved from the patient’s shared medical record


As accurately as possible in order to appropriately determine a patient’s orientation and treatment

Track & Archive

All collected data, time-stamped and in a secure manner

 Tele-Expertise with a Specialist

Tele-expertise is made possible thanks to the wealth of information available on the platform, and the advice of a specialist is greatly facilitated.
Videoconferencing with the patient can be complemented by sharing documents and patient medical data.

The platform is suited to a wide range of medical fields:

  • Cardiology (ECG analysis, monitoring of heart failure…)

  • Dermatology (advice, melanoma screening)

  • Neurology

  • And more….

tlm remote doctor
In-Depth Medical Data

In-Depth Medical Data

The platform adapts to meet the specific needs of each medical expertise. It allows access to a wide range of patient data (vital signs, scores, 12 and 18-lead ECG tracing, photos or documents, etc.) all of which enhance the specialist teleconsultation.

All information is time-stamped and archived in the patient’s medical file. The web application allows doctors to send prescriptions, and generate automatic mailings to the patient’s hospital or attending physician.




Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with all recent web browsers: Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer…

  • No prior installation needed, just a user account and a secure connection

  • Real-time video conferencing and document sharing

  • Secure web platform: Certified HDS hosting, Strong authentication (CPx, OTP), SSL access, AES 256 encryption,…