The big meeting for digital intelligence takes place at Microsoft Experiences in Paris, Palais des Congrès, on the 6th and the 7th of November 2018.

2 days of conferences, 10,000 square meters of experiences and more than 300 leaders and experts in digital transformation gathered for a single purpose, to give you an experience.

Through a completely immersive path, you will be able to try, experiment, and exchange on new digital intelligence solutions for healthcare and other sectors.

Nomadeec will present its new generation of Nomadeec plateform based on HoloLens. The team will be on hand to meet you, talk to you and have you test the latest mixed-reality tools for healthcare professionals.

The Nomadeec application available on Microsoft HoloLens and co-developed with HoloForge Interactive opens a new dimension in the experience of care and telemedicine. The holographic interface, usable by gestures and voice commands, allows the practitioner to completely free himself from touch screens to better focus on his patient, while preserving all the benefits of digital technology: traceability of vital parameters, videoconferencing for tele-expertise, tele-consultation, tele-triage…

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Our new generation platform Nomadeec HoloLens