Exelus and Holoforge received the Virtual Award of the best application “Environment & Health” for their work on the Nomadeec Telemedicine mobile application with Hololens.

From April the 4th to the 8th, the Future of Telemedicine has been exhibiting via our partner HoloForge Interactive in demonstration at the Laval Virtual (France), the largest European professional event dedicated to virtual and augmented reality.

The co-development work between Exelus and Holoforge Interactive, has been rewarded in the category : “Environment & Health”.

Awarded by an international panel of experts, the Laval Virtual Awards represent a unique competition by its scale in this field. They certify the high technicality of the awarded realisations and give them a great media coverage.

During this 20th edition, our CEO Xavier Maurin also took part in a conference-debate, Wednesday, April 5 from 11:45 to 12:30 on the theme:

Immersive technologies to improve places of care. Hospital, clinic, nursing homes, so many places that send us back to sensations of stress and discomfort. Is it possible to change this feeling thanks to immersive technologies? How to prepare “virtually” a stay in a place of care? How to reduce the anxiety of future patients? What links can we imagine with the house or the school? This round table will allow you to understand how immersive technologies can transform places of care.