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Unique intuitive tool for emergency report transmission and scheduled teleconsultation

Nomadeec enables nursing homes and health centers to reinforce the care of their residents or patients, within the framework of permanent care.

An intuitive and complete tool to carry out various acts of telemedicine :

  • Tele-consultation between patient and general practitioner conducted by the nursing staff of the requesting structure
  • Tele-expertise with specialist physicians (dermatologists, ophthalmologist, rheumatologist, neurologists…)
  • Tele-triage with dispatch centers by sending reports

How Nomadeec improves the permanence of care in your structure

English subtitles available

Equipment of the requesting personnel

The requesting staff (nurse, nurse’s assistant) has the Nomadeec secure communicating application, on a touch tablet, with a range of connected medical devices (CE marking Class IIa).

Made for bedside mobility, the solution can also be set up on an ultra-mobile lightweight trolley to provide ease of use during scheduled teleconsultations and to facilitate storage.

Use in scheduled tele-consultation

In the case of a non-urgent or programmed care request, the Nomadeec mobile application allows you to :

  • Take an appointment with the general practitioner or specialist
  • Start tele-consultation by videoconference
  • Enrich the consultation through the use of connected medical devices
  • The solution transmits patient data to the secure web application, “Nomadeec TelExpert” certified HDS, used by the receiving physician

The doctor will be able to carry out a tele-consultation and if necessary a tele-prescription.

Use in emergency

In the case of an emergency or unannounced care, the requesting personnel can simply send a patient report to the dispatch center or hospital.

The remote doctor can consult the reports transmitted in real time, and give a better orientation to the structure staff for an optimized care of the patient or resident.

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Interoperability and security

  • Interoperability via interfaces with patient management software.

  • Integrates other regional telemedicine platform applications.

  • Secure the patient care path 24 hours a day by being connected to the dispatch center in real time and interfaced with your nursing home software.

  • 100% secure solution using encryption (SSL, AES 256 encryption) and storage via an approved health data host (HDS).

  • Remote transmission of medical data in wifi or 4G.