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Nomadeec TelExpert, comprehensive tele-consultation platform available for remote doctors

Simple, intuitive and easy to roll out, it always meets telemedicine regulation standards (security ensured by data encryption).

We offer GPs and Specialists all necessary tools to allow augmented teleconsultation, adapting Nomadeec to each use case.

All data are timestamped and archived in the patient medical record. The application also allows to send automated mails to the hospital and to deliver prescriptions.

The healthcare professional and his patient

On the patient side, it is the requesting staff (nurses, nursing assistants) who have access to the Nomadeec secure communicating application, on a touch pad, enhanced with a range of connected medical devices with several functions:

  • Making an appointment with the attending general practitioner or specialist
  • Sharing of the patient report and other attachments (e.g. biological analysis results, treatment sheet in progress, etc.)
  • Tele-auscultation using a digital stethoscope and use of connected medical devices
  • Writing of reports and orders

The solution in mobility at the patient’s bedside, can also be positioned on an ultra-mobile lightweight trolley for greater ease of use and storage.

Teleconsultation in your nursing home

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