In the context of the current #Covid19 sanitary crisis and within the framework of French president Emmanuel Macron’s most recent declarations, the use of telemedicine is strongly encouraged in every situation possible.

While in confinement and teleworking as part of a Business Continuity Plan, Exelus and its staff members are mobilized to help all healthcare workers navigate this Coronavirus epidemic.

-> By opting for telework and avoiding all site visits in the weeks to come, we consider it our civic duty to do our part in the fight against the spread of the virus.

-> Our entire team continues to be available to help and support healthcare workers, and we are doing everything in our power to speed up the pace of installation of our telemedicine tools for our clients.

Mobilized for the health of our elders 

Protecting the residents of long-term care nursing homes during this #Covid19 crisis is a major public health issue.

Nomadeec currently equips over 100 of these establishments across France and more installations are being deployed. Thousands of healthcare providers are already trained to use our telemedicine solutions, which include a range of professional-grade connected tools, and are now able to provide residents with quality telemedicine.

Two acts of telemedicine can be delivered by using Nomadeec:

-> Teletriage – in the case of an EMS/911 emergency call. Teletriage facilitates better care decisions, more accurate patient orientation, and significantly lowers the number of preventable hospitalizations by approximately 25%*. In this time of COVID19 crisis, it is more than ever vitally important to be able to strengthen and help all of our clients, and support healthcare professionals.

As a forerunner in the field of teletriage, Nomadeec also equips Mobile Emergency Resuscitation vehicles and private ambulance services which operate in the regions where these nursing homes are located, thus strengthening the network of medical responsiveness, patient treatment, and overall resident care.

->Teleconsultation – by way of videoconferencing assisted by a nursing home caregiver who can communicate with a remote general practitioner or a specialist. Teleconsultation with Nomadeec is conducted by using connected devices such as a stethoscope or an electrocardiogram, and allows constant access to a patient’s medical record. This limits the need for travel or in-person consultations within the nursing home, which in turn reduces the risk of contamination.

By combining these two new medical practices we offer a unique and valuable opportunity for the elderly to continue to have access to quality care from their living quarters, while limiting theirs and the healthcare professionals’ exposure to the virus.

This is our mission and the purpose of the work we do every day in nursing homes and healthcare facilities, as well as for countless physicians who trust us by integrating these new tools in their daily practice.